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September 12, 2013

I’m glad I got the time to write a little in my “Blog” area and I’ll inaugurate it explaining my Off the field". I often hear people claiming out loud that if you do something with passion and become famous through this, there’s no way you would like doing something else. Let’s take tennis people for example. We love tennis, we like the court and every game we play, but it’s weird to go downtown with other colleagues and keep talking only about tennis. We all have another side, like “What would you have done if it hadn’t existed” tennis in my case. We all live with the impression, I think, of always having two choices, and of course, two inner voices. That means we would always have other stuff to love, like, other hobbies, other things we do besides our job.
I like discovering people off-court too. for example I like when a friend asks me for a bike ride, a fishing day, or a new car testing. I like when people can talk about everything, be curious about lots of stuff and never afraid to share their opinion.
I hope you’ll enjoy my “Off the field" and discover another Victor!