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Little tennis players of Craiova awarded the Victor Hanescu in the campaign every champion has a beginning

May 20, 2014

Victor Hănescu, Best Romanian tennis player of the moment, happily made hundreds of tennis fans in Craiova, campaign “Every champion has a beginning”. Over 100 talented children received sports equipment from Victor Hanescu and about 200 Excited parents and grandparents lived unforgettable moments in the 3rd edition of "Every champion has a beginning", held Monday, 19 more, Popeci Sports Club Play in Craiova.

Talented Juniors received professional equipment, missiles, genți, balls, Shirts, Glands and other sports. '' I was received with great warmth in Craiova both junior, parents, and other tennis enthusiasts. I was pleasantly surprised a few really talented young, promițători, with a very good technique for their age early. I felt the eyes of their spirit and winning attitude. We all know why, This city has given the sport, and especially football, performeri valoroşi, adevaraţi samples. I thank all those who came and I hope that, through this initiative, valuable future tennis players come from Craiova of Romania. ", said Victor Hanescu.

A memorable moment of the event was the one where Victor was involved in an exchange of balls every now junior, ofeindu-le, so, an unforgettable experience. More, those present were invited to an interactive session of questions and answers between parents, and top junior player 100 ATP, Victor Hănescu. The children asked her advice and asked questions, and parents have tried to find the recipe for success. Autograph and photo session triggered a real explosion of joy among small sport, and the parents who came to support them.

In the event spoke Dan Duţescu, representative Dunlop Sport Romania, Campaign partner'' Every champion has a beginning'' with only words of praise to the initiative of Victor Hanescu. Doamna to excel Craiovei, Lia Vasilescu was Olguţa, also, present at the event, along with other important names of Romanian sports, and Emil Săndoi, famous Romanian footballer, which expressed admiration for the project bearing the signature tennis player.

Constantin Popeci, Sports club president Popeci Play, was a welcoming host, iar Dr. Oetker Romania offered pizza and dessert Paula Pudding small athletes and those present. Victor Hanescu support the development of junior tennis, through the "Every champion has a beginning", aimed at helping thousands of students and youth across the country.

This initiative comes from the desire Romanian tennis player to start a national movement with similar events and provide a starting point for future champions Romania. Handelsbanken edition was supported by Dr.Oetker Romania, Dunlop Sport România și Renamed. The promotion campaign was conducted by SCG – Smart Corporation Group.


Victor Hanescu



Victor Hănescu, the best Romanian tennis player at the moment, held the 3rd edition of his CSR campaign – “Every champion has a start” at Craiova, on the 19th of May, 2014, in which he gladly offered proffesional tennis equipment and accessories to hundreds of junior tennis players from Craiova.
One of the top 100 tennis players from around the world, according to ATP rankings, started in 2013 a CSR campaign in order to encourage and support Romanian junior tennis players. A very daring initiative was born then – “Every champion has a start”, through which Victor Hănescu promotes tennis in his home-country and focuses on offering support to thousands of juniors. This campaign comes from his desire to start a movement with similar events nationwide and offer a starting point for future champions of Romania.

The first edition of “Every champion has a start” was held at Tenis Club Curtea de Argeș, where hundreds of junior tennis players received professional equipment from the famous top ATP tennis player. The next stop was in Bucharest, also in 2013, where other Romanian children passionate about this sport had the chance of meeting him and receiving tennis rackets, bags, sports equipment and other accessories.

At this 3rd edition from Craiova, Victor Hănescu brought happiness and joy to hundreds of tennis fans. More than 100 gifted children received sports equipment from Victor Hănescu and around 200 thrilled parents and grandparents lived unforgettable moments at the 3rd edition of “Every champion has a start” (“Every champion has a beginning”), which took place on the 19th of May, at the Popeci Play Sports Club, from Craiova. The talented junior players received professional equipment, tennis rackets, bags, balls, t-shirts, tennis cuffs and other accessories.

Victor Hănescu wants to continue this campaign in other 7 Romanian cities, in order to support, in time, thousands of Romanian junior tennis players.
“I was received with a lot of warmth at Craiova by the junior players, their parents, grandparents, and also by all the tennis lovers. Some really talented children amazed me with their skills, with a very good technique, considering their young age. I’ve seen in their eyes the winner’s attitude. All of us know why that happened: this town (Craiova) raised a lot of valuable sports players – especially football players – real champions. I want to thank everyone who came here and I hope that, with this initiative, the next top tennis players come from Craiova.” – stated Victor Hănescu.

A very important moment of this edition was the one in which Victor had some serves with the junior tennis players, offering them the great experience of returning the shots of a top ATP tennis player. More than this, there was a Q&A session, where Victor Hănescu answered all the questions that both parents and children asked. All the juniors were looking for pieces of advice, and their parents tried to find out the secret of success from the international player. The photo session and the autographs made the juniors very excited, also bringing enthusiasm among the parents that came there to support them.

And Duţescu, the president of Dunlop Sport Romania, the sponsor of “Every champion has a start” ('' Every champion has a beginning'') made an impressive speech, expressing only his admiration towards Victor Hanescu’s initiative.
The mayor of Craiova, Lia Vasilescu-Olguta, was also at this event together with some other important figures of Romanian Sport, like Emil Săndoi, the famous Romanian football player, who expressed his admiration for this project.

Constantin Popeci, the President of Popeci Play Sports Club, was a very welcoming host, and Dr. Oetker Romania offered pizza and Paula Pudding both for the junior players, and for other tennis lovers that were on the 19th of May at the event. Victor began playing tennis at the age of seven. At 12 years old, he had already won all the tennis tournaments from Bucharest and, at only 18 years old, he was a National Champion. Since 2001, Victor plays almost every year for the Davis Cup, being Romania’s representative at this tournament. He played against the best worldwide tennis players – Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic, Andy Murray.

This edition’s sponsors were Dr.Oetker România, Dunlop Sport România and Renamed Farma.
SCG – Smart Corporation Group advertised and promoted this campaign.

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