• Slice of early life

Born in Bucharest in 1981 , Victor comes from a modest family, both parents, are engineer. His sister has been practicing sports too - swimming- for 19 years old. At the age of 7 years old, Victor Hanescu has been passionate about tennis, so that at the age of 9 he beggins to follow his dream bystarting training.

  • Hard training, strong passion

Victor trained himself two years in a row hitting the ball to a mesh fence, and it didn't even return in the ball.. Because of his passion nothing seems too hard. After these two years, Victor gets very happy when his coach takes him on a tennis court for the first time. He lost his first matches at 0, and this worried his parents. However, the coach has faith in Victor and requires them to be patient.

  • Hard work meets performance

At the age of 12 Victor wins his first competitions in Bucharest.

Victor signs up in the first high school tennis in Romania. His teacher, Firicel Tomai, observing Victor's developments confesses: "You will become a great player!"

At the age of 18 years he becomes a national champion.